Situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the corner of Main Road and New Road overlooking the 11th Century church.
Wolvesey House was built in 1885 and still carries its name embedded into the stone above the front door of the house.
The 7 mile stone on the corner of the stone wall indicates 7 miles to Newport and Freshwater.
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In combination to the Bed & Breakfast there is the Tandem Tea Rooms attached to the property, where breakfast is served and tea and cakes and light lunches during the day.

Enjoy a wide radius of activities not only on the Isle of Wight but starting from the doorstep of the Bed & Breakfast for a great choice of walks and cycle routes surfing, fishing lakes , capturing strolls around meandering Village rivers or walks in a forest (Follow the War Horse - Warrior trail) to long stunning scenic cliff edge walks or hike over the moors.

Less than 1 mile to the Jurassic coast where Dinosaur Fossils hunting is a prominent, there is a choice of rustic beaches to choose from overlooking the English Channel. Great cycle routes for the both the casual cyclist and the fit and hardy, plenty of stop of points to enjoy before making your way back to Brighstone.

From Wolvesey house, nearby facilities are within minute of each other include a friendly family run Village Shop providing a full range of products and post office. The Three Bishops Pub serves food throughout the day and evening both indoors and outdoors, and a must visit for a fabulous card selection and lovely gifts is the enchanting Blue Bells gift shop.